Invisalign Specialists

The smile you want, now in a much more comfortable and discreet way.

The road to Perfect smile

We help you achieve the smile you've always wanted in a comfortable and effective way.


Benefits of invisalign aligners

With this discreet and comfortable option, we can effectively correct the alignment of your teeth, without worrying about the appearance of traditional braces.


Extraordinary results

A treatment that, in addition to accurately predicting what your smile will look like, is backed by millions of people and years of scientific research.


Aesthetics, comfort and freedom

Invisalign treatment is comfortable, and the aligners are easy to put on and take off. This means that it adapts to your needs and lifestyle.


Personalized according to your smile

We use software that helps us ensure that each tooth moves in the correct way and at the right time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions from our patients

¿Cuál es el proceso para comenzar un tratamiento con Invisalign?

The treatment begins with an evaluation appointment, where your smile will be examined, and a personalized treatment plan will be developed to help you achieve the smile you want.

After understanding the treatment plan and approving it, the aligners will be fabricated, which will be 100% customized according to your needs.

¿Cuánto tiempo dura el tratamiento con Invisalign?

The duration of the treatment depends on several factors, among the main ones are: the complexity of the treatment and how frequently you use the Invisalign aligners.

However, the treatment lasts between 9 and 18 months on average. We can know how long your treatment will last once we make your initial evaluation appointment.

¿Con qué frecuencia tendré que cambiar mis alineadores?

Most often, a change is made every two weeks. However, the frequency of change is determined once the treatment plan has been established and may vary from person to person.

¿Cuántas horas al día tengo que utilizar los alineadores Invisalign?

For best results, it is recommended to use the aligners 20 to 22 hours a day. You should only remove them for eating, drinking and brushing your teeth.

¿En cuánto tiempo puedo observar los primeros resultados?

Significant changes can be seen as early as 4 weeks after starting treatment.

¿Cuál es el costo del tratamiento con Invisalign?

The cost of treatment with Invisalign aligners depends on the complexity of each case, the type of correction required and the length of the treatment. The only way to determine the cost is after the initial evaluation.

¿En qué casos se puede utilizar Invisalign?

Currently, Invisalign treatment is versatile, effectively addressing a wide range of malocclusions and dental alignment issues, ranging from the common cases to the most complex cases.

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